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Businesses can take action against domestic and family violence today.

The National Retail Association has created a series of handy webinars to provide detailed advice on the steps you can take in your business and the obligations you need to know about. We've also compiled existing resources to make it easier to access the information you need.

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We've compiled all the essential information you need to take action as a small or medium sized business.


The National Retail Association has developed a series of Webinars to drill down into more detail on how retailers can prepare for and respond to domestic and family violence in the workplace.

WEBINAR 1: Preparing your response to DFV

Join National Retail Association Legal Director, Lindsay Carroll, as we drill into more detail on:

  • what domestic and family violence is
  • impacts on businesses and your workplace
  • signs of DFV in the workplace
  • how you can foster a strong workplace culture to encourage employees to come forward.

WEBINAR 2: Responding to DFV

  • signs of DFV in the workplace in more detail
  • what to do if you suspect DFV is occurring
  • how to have the conversation including tips on what to avoid saying
  • confidentiality and record-keeping
  • steps after the first chat

WEBINAR 3: Managing health & safety risks

  • work health and safety regulatory framework, and how it applies to DFV
  • health and safety risks that may exist in the workplace arising from DFV
  • how to assess the risk and develop safety procedures

WEBINAR 4: Managing DFV leave & entitlements

  • understanding DFV leave entitlements
  • other forms of leave that may be relevant
  • what entitlements do different types of workers have
  • understanding flexible working arrangements


WEBINAR 5: Managing performance issues

  • managing performance or attendance issues arising from DFV
  • what if DFV is being perpetrated using company resources
  • examining recent labour law cases

WEBINAR 6: Responding to workers engaging in domestic and family violence

  • how to respond to the disclosure
  • health and safety for the employee and all people connected to the issue
  • workplace adjustments
  • what grounds there are for disciplinary action and termination, while still maintaining procedural fairness and natural justice.


During June, the National Retail Association will be hosting a 3-part series of podcasts with experts on domestic and family violence, and key retailers talking about their experience.


Guests include Katie Biddlestone, National Women's Officer from the Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees Association; Angela Lynch, President and CEO of the Women's Legal Service Queensland; and Ben Bjarnesen, the Director of DV Connect and founder of the LGBTI Domestic Violence Awareness Day.


These unique insights shed light on the difficult to navigate topic of domestic and family violence - but also show how important it is to recognise when your employes are experiencing DFV and provide support.


Useful resources

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This Guide is designed to provide information you need as a business owner or manager to better address domestic and family violence (DFV). It outlines key actions you can take today to be better informed and prepared, and actions to consider should you suspect and employee is experiencing, or using, domestic violence.


It can seem daunting to address domestic and family violence in your workplace, but it's more important than ever. However, to ignore the impacts of DFV places your employees, your customers, and your business at risk.


Download the Business Action Plan and take action against domestic violence today.

Staffroom Poster - Know the signs

National Retail Association

Referral Poster - Key support services

National Retail Association

Media Release

National Retail Association

DFV Workplace Policy template

National Retail Association

DFV risk assessment & safety plan for workplaces

QLD Government (external link)

DFV risk assessment & safety plan for individuals

QLD Government (external link)

Links to more information

Queensland Government:

Fair Work Ombudsmen:

DV Connect:

Helping Queenslanders live free from domestic, family & sexual violence.

Australia's CEO challenge:

Workplace prevention training and programs

Domestic Violence Retailer Advice Hotline: 1800 445 522

Retailers seeking advice on managing domestic and family violence issues in their workplace can call the National Retail Association to speak with our workplace relations specialists. The tollfree hotline is available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Please note: the advice provided on this website is designed to assist retailers in understanding domestic and family violence but is not legal advice and is not a substitute for independent legal advice tailored to the particular circumstances of your business. The NRA accepts no liability for any action taken or not taken as a result of anything published on this website. Each retail business should assess and make decisions based on their own advice and situation.